Meet Lorrie Gray

Streamline Your Life Inc. is the result of an inspiration Lorrie Gray had
afterexperiencing a life alerting transition. The company was founded
in the spring of 2004 with a goal to help as many people work
through the clutter in their lives and inspire them to get back
to the things that are really important.

Lorrie’s expertise in organization evolved over 20 years working as a manager,trainer and quality auditor. Combining this with her natural instinct for organizing as well as her personal passion for working with others has resulted in the solution to many peoples stress and disarray.


Lorrie’s understanding and caring nature has come from going through her own traumatic experience and realizing the difficulty in letting go. This is a process; one that Lorrie strongly believes you will get through. The relationship between emotionally recovering and being able to physically let go is the process that she has experienced and desires to help others through.


When applying these skills to helping family and friends the reward
and satisfaction gained was overwhelming and she felt she had
found her calling.